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Diamond Stitch Cozy

E077B83A-3FAF-4B32-803F-DA5C706A53DEThese are my adventures into crochet and craftiness! I love drinking hot tea and chocolate in the winter, and I wanted to try out some new crochet stitches, so I made this cute Diamond Stitch Mug Cozy!  I used This diamond stitch tutorial   which includes a video (yay!) to make my diamond stitches. 77D2069F-4FFB-4388-90B1-EEBBA8342E5D  I did four half diamond rounds which ends up with 2 full diamond rows and the third diamond row in the middle.  Measure on your preferred mug to fit. I wanted it on a fat mug so I did 8 1/2 across, I would do 7 1/2 or 8 for a standard size mug.  To do the ends I did a SC with a decrease SC on each end, so your rounds after you get the diamonds the length you want then turn are:

  • Chain One, SC (Single Crochet) across.
  • Chain One, turn, Decrease Single Crochet, SC across, Decrease Single Crochet in the last 2 stitches.
  • Chain One Turn, Decrease Single Crochet, SC across, Decrease SC in last 2 stitches
  • Continue until you do 2 Decrease Single crochet together then Chain one and tie off working in the end yarn.  This will be your button side.
  • Do the same starting a SC across the other end, but right before you do the 2 Decrease Single Crochets together, make a SC chain the length of the end to make your button hole then slip stitch to the other end to connect it, then do your Chain One, Turn and your 2 Decrease Single Crochets.

F0F5D389-1ACB-46AC-A11F-0EEB32CA0E37I finished with a SC off white border and in the middle of each diamond I did a SC in the 2nd stitch down instead of the top stitch to make the longer dart stitch.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  I love that the diamonds make it easy to grab and not slip from your fingers.  I will definitely use this stitch again.  Maybe for an ear warmer headband?  Stay tuned….  🙂


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