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Decorations of Christmas’ Past

Is decorating the tree one of your favorite Christmas traditions? It is one of mine! I especially love it if some of the decorations hold memories or when you make them yourself. I promise I won’t go searching through my house for all my past crafty projects, but since my tree was up I wanted to highlight a few of my homemade ornaments. My sisters and I (I have 4 wonderful sisters) love to make Crafty decorations together during the holiday break. I didn’t get to do it this year but my oldest daughter and Chicago sister made some very cute decorations this year. However last year (or maybe 2 years ago I cant remember for sure) my Chicago sister, New York sister, Nebraska sister, and Minnesota sister and I all gathered at my moms and made these pretty decorations. The year before that we went with a little simpler style (and not all my sisters were there, it’s rare when we can all be together now that we are spread out all over the country.)img_3543

img_3541I cherish the memories I have of making these decorations with my sisters. I like to do a themed tree and a family tree and this year my themed tree was “Silver and Gold” so both of these sets worked great. The first set gave a little splash of red which was nice for contrast. I will hate to put down the tree next week, it’s been so lovely, but I will look forward to putting it up again next year. img_3225


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