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Not Your Typical Diamond Tiara!

78DC92AD-74A7-40DB-9093-97FF5719A7CDWith temperatures predicted to be -12F (-24.4C) this week and -30F (-34.4C) with windchill I definitely needed a cute way to keep my ears warm! What better than a Diamond Stitch ear warmer headband? It may not be your typical diamond tiara, but it sure is a lot more cozy! I’m loving this diamond stitch and even though I just used it on the mug warmer, I couldn’t resist using it again. This is the link to the Diamond Stitch Tutorial including video!2E376887-64F0-4445-BD33-CD905C000DC7I changed the stitch from the tutorial to give a tighter diamond by only counting 3 stitches to the diamond point and crocheted 14 diamond lengths.222C53AD-03F9-4655-AB12-B8200E3FB66EI did a HDC Decrease until I got to four stitches in the back and made 6 rows of four (in retrospect 4 rows would have been sufficient) then did a HDC increase until it was full width.  I used the second mattress stitch from this This YouTube tutorial to attach it seamlessly.5E1FA2DE-E51E-4E80-B0B1-D3BEF2A437B0I wasn’t sure if I wanted a border on this one but after trying it on my 2-year-old daughters Mr Bear (and myself) I decided it needed to be wider to give more protection. Mr Bear was a firm vote for wider as his ears had zero coverage. 😜 I started 4 different borders before settling with the simple dart stitch since the more ornate bordering detracted from the diamond stitching. However I cannot wait to use the trial borders on future projects!12D03A3A-110E-4680-8730-D4C3EE1A7840I started a SC at the beginning of the diamond stitching and went all around then I did a second row of SC with the dart stitch across the whole diamond stitching section then tied off and worked the ends in. I love it! I hope you try this Diamond Stitch if you haven’t before, it looks so classy and even better in person. I got loads of compliments in church this morning. 😊



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