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A Pair of Hooters!

780A5926-6AC5-4C17-9BA0-9E744553AE6CBig Sis loved her owl hat so much she asked that I make one for her two New York cousins who she really missed this Christmas. She thought it would be fun if they could all wear the same hats since they can’t be together. I thought that was a great idea so two little hooters flew onto my yarn. I changed them up enough so they are still unique. Now they will be The Three Hoo-migos! 5d58666b-1e2a-4fc6-8ef0-649a031b085c.jpegI used the same pattern that I wrote up in this post about Big Sis’s Sleepy Owl Hat . I wanted unique flowers for each girl, so this is what I came up withf1b633c1-cef2-4b84-8823-e0f1646f6ca8.jpegI wish I had written the first flower pattern down, I thought I would remember it but of course I don’t, and it’s frustrating me trying to figure it out, so it will just have to be a one of a kind blossom. 😊. 424FB260-38FC-4321-9ED3-49B6CFB837F2I love the little pigtail flowers. Here is the pattern for them:


  • Magic circle
  • Round1: HDC 8 into circle, slip stitch into first HDC, chain 1, tie off
  • Round2: (New color) SC into each stitch from round 1, slip stitch into first SC, Chain1, tie off
  • Round3: (New color) Chain8 onto first stitch from Round2, skip one stitch (stitch2) and then attach chain with a slip stitch into 3rd stitch from round2. (It is more sturdy if you grab 2 strands when you slip stitch instead of 1.)
  • Chain8 then skip one stitch and attach with SlipStitch. Continue this around making 4 loops and attaching last loop to base of first.
  • Chain 2 behind flower then start a Chain8 from first skipped stitch and attach in front of 2nd skipped stitch. Continue on weaving the chain through from back and attaching in front. (This is tricky as you have to weave through and I even had to weave my hook and trailing yarn through to the back to get the weaving right. There is probably an easier way to get this effect, but this worked for me.)
  • Attach to base of first skipped stitch chain, Chain1 and tie off.


I thoroughly enjoyed these Sleepy Owl hats, but now I’m ready to move on from hats for my next project….


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