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A Visit From T.F.

F19FA367-32FF-457D-9146-654194BFEFC5Big Sis came rushing in from a shopping trip with Daddy to show me her tooth had come out! It’s been awhile since T.F.’s last visit (that is her Tooth Fairies’ nickname) so she was very excited. Her last tooth T.F. had a hard time finding as it had fallen out of the little box she had put it in and under the bed, so I suggested that I make a little Tooth Purse for her. I just whipped it up as quickly as I could since it was only an hour until bedtime, but I think it turned out fairly cute and we were only a little late to bed. She hung it on a nail over her bed and made sure to write a note so T.F. knows what it is. 😁 Now T.F. just made a little origami item that she always leaves with her gold dollar coins and we will have a successful visit from the Tooth Fairy. 🧚‍♂️ 4f062273-a5ac-4305-844c-180862d57e1c.jpeg
Big Sis’s T.F. is super into Origami.  Here are her past gifts from T.F.  Some of them are a bit worse for wear since They have been well treasured and played with. A8E7C90F-06F7-44A6-8068-3B49DE6F3D5C8A8764D4-6212-40AD-8E0F-328D9C3525414630CFF7-F6C8-4871-BA27-006C905354A0All of T.F’s gifts come with a tiny card complete with tiny Fairy writing and occasional drawings of her world. DA91D7D5-DC90-4EEF-8D97-8EE925F5241BC554E797-7412-44B6-A8A6-747250C846B8This stair step box was quite challenging and fun.  Here’s the link to the Four Step Origami Box video tutorial if you want to try it.  I stopped after 3 steps.2F38476B-BD99-4688-9D26-E71B4C4F252BC7D2A56F-DD43-4B5A-AEB3-80A2CF3B57CDThat makes six visits from the Tooth Fairy over the last year.  T.F. Has been busy!  😜 I have quite enjoyed learning a bit of origami since I had previously only made a few simple animal faces in origami before these lost tooth adventures.  However, once you start something like this it’s a commitment.  T.F. Is pretty much obligated to provide an origami treasure at every visit now.  Does the Tooth Fairy visit your home? Do you have special Tooth Fairy traditions?  I would love to hear about them!



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