Crochet Cuteness

Good Enough to Step On

img_3955I couldn’t wait to get the big crochet hooks and yarn in the mail for my bathroom rug. I hadn’t worked with Chunky Yarn at all and was very excited. I decided to go with the Loops and Threads Charisma Yarn that was on sale at Michaels for $2 a skein and use a double strand to make it even chunkier. I used an 11.5mm hook which was WAY bigger than anything I had ever used (5.25mm). I wanted an oval rug but couldn’t find a great tutorial in a pattern I liked until I found THIS TUTORIAL however it was in a different language. Dare I attempt so many new things at once in a different language, no less? Well I dared! Here it is just starting out! img_3953Β I had to take out whole rounds and redo them and I’m not sure if the ending result was exactly what I was going for. It was a great first try, and I will continue to work with chunky yarn in the future. I’m sure I will get better. If I re-attempt this rug I will use 3 or 4 different colors instead of a color changing yarn so I have more control over where the colors fall. On the plus side it is super soft and thick. Very comfy on the toes. Anyway, it’s good enough for the kids bathroom for my little ones to step out of the bathtub or stand on while they wash their hands. (I can’t decide where I want to place it, so that means I have to make another, right? And learn from my mistakes, right? 😊 That’s part of learning a new skill, right?!? 😁). 75A94BF2-0D33-44DE-82F6-108CAEFDBFE2


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