Crazy About C2C

After seeing a few posts with adorable Corner to Corner blankets I decided that would be my next adventure! I absolutely love doing graphgans!! I’m currently on my third. I will have to post my first twin size one for my daughter and the third toddler size one when it gets finished, but here is the second completed large baby blanket size. These obviously take way more than one or two evenings to complete, but creating and following the pattern is so enjoyable I don’t mind the length of the projects. I think this blanket made a very nice baby gift for a lady at my church. This shows the size with my 2 year old laying on it. She loved the owl. (She is infatuated with the little sweater she is wearing that I won from the giveaway from Yolanda at Yochet! She wants to wear it everywhere and the weather is finally sweater weather!). I’ve already designed the 4th C2C for another friend who just had a little one. So I’m set for projects for awhile! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Crazy About C2C

  1. First, I love that C2C blanket! It looks amazing! I keep saying I’m going to try C2C and then just don’t, even though I love how it looks. Your blanket has thinking of jumping in again. 🙂 Second, I’m soooooo happy that your baby loves her sweater! I don’t usually make crochet clothes and I’m so humbled that she actually enjoys wearing it. Thank you for sharing that picture!

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