Baby Blanket Graphgan

I cannot get enough of these C2C graphgans! I’m looking for any excuse to make them. I used a bulky yarn for my previous C2C owl blanket and saw this Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn for sale and thought I would see how it compared for a friends new little baby. (I love the name she picked out ❤️) I feel like the pros were: there is no fraying with this yarn, it is very soft (chenille soft), it is even bulkier than the bulky Loops and Threads Charisma yarn so works up very fast. The cons were: I’m not sure it’s really a yarn, (it almost seems more like pipe cleaners but without the wire), it was a bit harder to work with, it is heavier than the other yarn once worked up. I liked some aspects of both yarns and can’t decide for sure which I want to use in future. 😊. I want to try a third brand of actual yarn with less fraying and see which of the three I prefer in the end. Regardless, I really love doing C2C’s and the freedom you have to create pictures while crocheting. Below is the second, even larger Owl C2C I was commissioned to do as a gift. I love how they turn out.


3 thoughts on “Baby Blanket Graphgan

    1. Thanks! It can get tangled if you have a bunch of colors. It helps if you flip it back and forth like a pancake instead of rotating the same way every time, which twists them all together. Also try to untangle any that did end up twisted every one or two rows. And I found a really good tutorial on switching colors. My least favorite part is weaving in the ends I wasn’t able to crochet over. 😜.


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