C2C Blossoms

mI’m so excited my brother and his wife are expecting their second child so I decided to make a blanket for them. Well, they haven’t settled on the name of the new little girl yet, so I made one for big sis, and will make a complimentary one for new little one once they decide between the two names they have it narrowed down to. They have lived in Japan, so I chose to combine cherry blossoms with butterflies which big sis Elaina loves. C2C graphgans are currently my favorite thing to crochet as they are so much fun to design and are beautiful, however I now have a request from ALL of my nieces and nephews for one for Christmas so I hope I don’t get graphganed out. I used Bernat Blanket Yarn for this and it is 28 by 41 “boxes”. I made this one so it could fit on top of a twin bed without draping over, basically its small enough to curl up with and big enough for a decorative twin size cover throw. I want baby to use it a long time.

I love these blankets. I like using the bigger Bernat Yarn, it limits the design somewhat since there are fewer “boxes” or cells to work with, but they work up much faster. I used a YouTube tutorial when I first learned to C2C. There are tons of them and they are easy to find so I won’t link to any particular one since I watched a few different ones. Happy crocheting! If you have any questions don’t be shy!


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