Unicorn Dreams C2C Graphgan

This Unicorn Corner to Corner Graphgan turned out so cute. I get so excited as I’m seeing them turn out. I always end up staying up super late when it gets down to the end because I can’t wait to see the completed design! My Minnesota sister made the pattern for this one for her daughter Olivia. It is a bit bigger than the others. It took me longer than it should have to finish because I miscalculated the pink needed and had to wait while more was being shipped. I actually finished another nieces blanket while I was waiting. I will post it after I get all the ends tied in. 😳 So that makes 4 down and 6 to go. (2 nieces, my own 2 daughters, and a family one for each or my husbands side of the family left to go.) I’m not sure if I will get them done before Christmas or not! I will probably save my daughters’ for last. I already made my oldest daughter a larger blanket, but she wants a cuddle one too like her cousins. Happy crocheting everyone!


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